Diaper Baby Humiliation Phone Sex

diaper baby humiliationI think it’s fucking hilarious that you’re my older brother and you’re still wearing diapers. I love diaper baby humiliation phone sex and you better believe I am going to humiliate the fuck out of you. Taboo humiliation at that. I’m your little sister and when I cut school with my friends I never expected to see my brother laying on MY bed in a soaking wet diaper. You know the first thing we did was get out our phones to take pics; no one would believe us otherwise. Your face was so red and you were so embarrassed when we started to laugh. “Don’t try and cover yourself with the blanket” I yell at you. I don’t want you baby germs all over my stuff! My friends grab your legs and drag you to the floor. Right where babies in diapers belong.

As we talked about what kind of diaper baby humiliation we should dish out, we saw your eyes glaze over with that “look”.  No way are you making a mess in your diapers while we all watch. What a disgusting smelly nasty boy you are! You know you can’t stay in those dirty diapers and there’s no way any of us are going to touch you like that. I suggest we take you outside to the backyard so we can hose you down. Perfect. As you start to cry and protest we can’t stop laughing or taking pics of your pathetic diaper ass.

You must have been wearing those diapers a long ass time, they are almost hanging to your knees they are so heavy. Gross. We get outside and make you lie down on the grass in the middle of the yard. I put on Mom’s gardening gloves and get out her garden scissors to get that disgusting and filthy diaper off of you. You better hold still or I’ll cut your diaper dick off. My friends laugh even harder at this idea. As soon as I pull the diaper away you see my best friend with the garden hose pointed right at you. All of a sudden you’re hit with a huge blast of icy water. The more you try and get up or roll away the harder the stream and the more we laugh. Maybe we should tie you up to keep you still for your cleaning?

Want more diaper baby humiliation phone sex from your little sister? Call Spencer at 1-888-741-2229

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Adult Baby Phone Sex – Mommy Puts You In Diapers

I think it’s time for some adult baby phone sex with your mean mommy. You’re old enough that you should not be wetting the bed anymore. That’s what babies do! You’re not a baby anymore, are you? Nope, but if you’re going to act like one and whine when I tell you to stop drinking anything after a certain time so I don’t have to clean your mess up while I’m babysitting you, then you’re going to be treated like a baby and put in a diaper!

Every day when you get home from school, I’m going to sit you in a chair at the kitchen table and feed you myself. You always make a mess when you eat, just like a baby would. Once you’re done eating, I’m sure you’ll tell me you’re thirsty, so I will get you a bottle full of apple juice and tell you to go lay down on the couch for your nap.

adult baby phone sexAdult Baby Phone Sex – Mommy shows you to her friends

When you wake up from your nap, you’ll see that I have invited some of my friends over. They have never seen an adult baby before, so they were very intrigued when I told them all about you. I told them that you were being whiny about being treated like a baby, but that you definitely deserve to be… at least until you wake up for a week straight with a dry diaper. I thought that while they are visiting, we could play some games – maybe pattycake and we could get out some dolls and play with them or something like that. Don’t pout – you brought this on yourself, my little adult baby. Your actions sometimes have consequences and you need to learn that.

Are you ready for your adult baby phone sex call now? Call me and learn your lesson right now. Nobody likes a bed wetter so the sooner you grow out of that behavior, the better.

Ask for Gail 1-888-741-2229

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Mommy Phone Sex for Adult Babies

It’s not something you talk about with anyone, but mommy phone sex for adult babies is something you fantasize about. You need to be Mommy’s little boy, Mommy’s baby boy even. You might be one of those boys that still wets his bed and need to be put in diapers every night. I am the kind of Mommy that you wish you had when you were growing up.

mommy phone sex

I won’t hesitate to put you in diapers not only at bedtime, but during the day as well. I know adult baby boys have no self control at all and that’s why you need me. I will get out the baby wipes, the baby powder and a few thick soft diapers as I get ready to transform you into my sweet baby. I won’t forget those plastic pants either, because a naughty boy like you is sure to wet thru even the strongest and thickest diaper. I’ll sit you on my lap and stroke your head and tell you that you need to be a good for Mommy; and if you’re very good, I might even touch you right thru that diaper. You love the feeling of a warm wet and full diaper and I love fulfilling that adult baby phone sex fantasy of yours.

Mommy Phone Sex – It’s not just diapers

It doesn’t stop with just diapers either. I have a pacifier for you to suck on, a bottle for you to drink from. I’ll dress you in a onesie and put little booties on your feet so they don’t get cold. I will make you feel safe and loved, just like Mommy’s boy should feel.

You’re my adult baby in diapers and I’m your loving Mommy.

Call 1-888-741-2229 and ask for Jennifer for mommy phone sex, just for my adult baby boys!

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Bedtime for an Adult Baby

Adult Baby Phone Sex and it’s almost your bedtime. It’s getting late, honey, and it’s time for Mommy to put you to bed. Go into your room and wait for me and I will be right in. I will help you get undressed and into your pj’s while I tuck you into bed. If you have been a good boy Mommy is going to read you a sexy bedtime story and lie right in bed with you. It feels so good to fall asleep nestled right up against my big and soft breasts, my arm wrapped around you holding you tight. You start squirming around the covers and I notice that my sweet adult baby boy is getting very excited. Don’t worry, Mommy is going to take care of you to help you sleep even better on our adult baby phone sex call.

adult baby phone sex

I know you are the kind of boy who needs to be diapered before bed. Do you wet your bed at night or maybe even your pants during the day? Mommy knows exactly what adult baby boys need, especially before bed. I will get out the baby wipes, diapers (I have cloth and disposable), plastic pants, powder and more. I’ll have a bottle for you and when I hold you on my lap all diapered and ready for bed, Mommy will let you suck on her titties and drink your bedtime snack.

If you are an adult baby and need a caring Mommy to take care of you and put you to bed, call 1-888-741-baby and ask for Porscha. It will be even more fun if you tell me the kinds of things you like best so I can make your ab/dl fantasies come true!

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Mommy Phone Sex for an Adult Baby

I am Carla and I am a naughty Mommy who loves Mommy phone sex with her adult baby’s! I love all my babies, little boys and little sissies. If you want to feel sooo much love and TLC – call Mommy  for ab/dl Phone Sex. Mommy  is a hot MILF Mommy with really big titties. Mommy believes in nursing her babies with her large 40FF breasts…unless baby is being punished, and has to take a baba or sippy cup instead. Mommy’s breasts are so soft, like pillows, and you will feel so good when you are sucking warm milk from Mommy’s big hard nipples.

mommy phone sex


Mommy can also be mean when her little ones need to be punished as you now know. Don’t make Mommy get mad or she will spank you. And if you cry when Mommy’s boyfriend comes over to fuck her, you will be in real trouble! Mommy’s boyfriend is a real man, not a little baby, sissy or a little boy like you. Mommy needs sex, not just to use her sex toys. When Mommy’s boyfriend is over, Mommy will change your diaper right in front of him, and if you do #1 or #2 in your adult diaper, you will sit in your dirty diaper as punishment.

You might hear Mommy having sex through the bedroom wall in your room and it might make your little penis very excited and want to touch it. Mommy already knows you touch your little penis, because she has a hidden nursery CCTV monitor and she sees everything you do. But Mommy doesn’t mind and she might even help you masturbate if you do something nice for Mommy like call her for ab/dl Phone Sex.

I love Mommy phone sex and I love to play adult baby games with you! Call and ask for Mommy Carla at 1-888-741-baby (1-888-741-2229)

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Adult Baby Phone Sex

I just have to tell about this new adult baby boy who called me this week for an adult baby phone sex call! I call him “nikki” on the phone and he is one of the naughtiest boys I have played with in a very long time. You see nikki is a habitual bed wetter. He told me that he’s been wetting his bed and his pants forever, and after talking with him at length, I don’t think nikki was ever toilet trained! That’s right, he’s been wearing a diaper ever since he was a baby! And he wonders why he can’t get a girlfriend?!

adult baby phone sexNow I don’t know if his story is true or not, but it does make for one hot phone sex fantasy! I love the fact that nikki wears cloth diapers with plastic pants and knows all about soaker diapers and doubling and tripling the diapers for protection. nikki gets so excited when he has to mess his diapers too; his little dick is almost always hard. Of course one of nikki’s favorite things is when Mommy has to change his diapers and I thought he was going to cum just from the humiliation of telling him I might have to find a babysitter for him.

If you are an adult baby or a diaper lover, then you need a phone sex Mommy who knows just what you need and desire. I am Mommy Nancy and one of my specialties is AB/DL phone sex. I have even had a real life adult baby to play with. If experience is what you have been looking for, look no more!

Call 1-888-741-BABY (1888-741-2229) for adult baby phone sex play!

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Diaper Lovers Phone Sex

diaper lovers phone sexI know you need to have your diapers changed, baby, a soft fresh diaper, maybe even a double diaper?! We wouldn’t want you to make a leaky mess, would we? Whether you like messy diapers or clean diapers ~ the ritual of a diaper change ~ diaper humiliation ~ or some other kind of diaper lovers phone sex, I want to play with you!

Jennifer loves diaper lovers – 1-888-741-2229

Diaper Lovers Phone Sex for Adult Babies

If you wet your panties or still wet your bed, I am going to have to put you into diapers, little boy.  Not just one diaper, but at least two of them, you’ll need the soaker diaper between your thighs to keep your mess from leaking.  I know if makes you feel like a naughty boy when Mommy has to diaper you, but only naughty boys still wet their beds.  It’s easier to find adult diapers to use, but from all the diaper lovers that I play with on the phone, nothing makes them feel more like a baby then wearing cloth diapers with diaper pins and plastic pants.

adult baby diaper lover phone sex

Do you need a Mommy to put in a diaper?  Are you a dirty bed wetter and need the guiding hand of a woman who understands your diaper fetish?  If you answer yes to these questions, I am the phone sex Mommy for you.

For the best in diaper lover phone sex for adult babies, call Simone.

1-888-741-BABY (1-888-741-2229)

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Adult Baby Phone Sex Babysitter

Hi to all my little adult babies!!! It’s time for an adult baby phone sex babysitter phone sex call! They are so much fun for me and I know that you really get excited when you call me for some babysitting! But today, I think your excitement may be just a little premature. See, I’m feeling pretty bratty today and I heard from your mom that you’ve been quite the little brat lately, so that probably means things aren’t going to go your way today, little man.

Adult Baby Phone Sex Babysitter Dresses You Up

adult baby phone sex babysitter

You’ve been causing issues with your mommy when she takes you out, but I am not going to put up with your tantrums. I’m going to dress you up in a big thick diaper and take you out to the park and make you play in front of people. I know you don’t normally like to do that, but that’s what you get for being such a little brat lately. Hmm what kind of outfit should I put on you? Maybe a little pair of pink overalls with butterflies or ladybugs embroidered on them. As we start walking through the park, people will likely start commenting on how cute you are, and instead of avoiding eye contact, you will look them in the eye and thank them. We will blow bubbles, play ball and maybe even go on the swing set while people watch us.

And the most humiliating (and my favorite) part? When you’ve dirtied your diaper, I’m going to make you walk up to some random strangers and say “Oops… baby made a mess in his diaper” and run off and giggle. Then you’ll come over to me and I’ll change you right there in front of everyone.

Are you ready now for your adult baby phone sex babysitter call? I’m ready to humiliate you and whip your naughty little ass into shape!

Call 1-888-741-2229 and ask for Nikki. I can’t wait to babysit for you!

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AB/DL Phone Sex – Diaper Humiliation with Mommy Gretchen

ab/dl phone sex

You called me for adult baby, AB/DL phone sex to tell me how embarrassed you are that you made a mess in your diaper? If you’re so embarrassed by having to wear diapers, then maybe you should try a little harder when I am trying to potty train you. I’m glad that you’re embarrassed. You should be. I mean, there’s no reason that an adult baby of your age should still be wearing diapers. You really should be ashamed of yourself. You wake up every single morning stinky and wet. Mommy really should make you wear that dirty diaper around all day so you will learn your lesson and maybe not do it anymore. Do you think that would work on you?

If that doesn’t work, I have other ways of humiliating you. Your sheets are always wet and dirty from you laying on them and instead of washing it immediately when I take it off your bed, I will hang it right outside your bedroom window so all of the neighbors will know what a messy adult baby you are. You will beg me to take it down and wash it, but I am not going to. I’ll leave it there all day until everyone on our block has seen it.

In the evening, I’m going to take you out for a nice long walk around our block. Instead of wearing regular pants, I’m going to dress you in a pair of plastic pants so that everyone is going to know that you aren’t potty trained and that you can’t seem to control your bodily functions. We’ll circle the block a few times, just to make sure that everyone has seen you.

Are you ready for your humiliating adult baby, AB/DL phone sex fun (well, it’s fun for me!) now? Call me and hopefully I can get your bathroom habits under control. Ask for Gretchen when you call 1-888-741-BABY

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Adult Baby Fetish Phone Sex

Hi baby boys and girls and sissies! I know it’s been awhile since our site has been updated, but I’ll be taking over and will be blogging and posting all kinds of adult baby fetish phone sex happenings.

adult baby fetish phone sex

We are still here! So give us a call at 1-888-741-2229 and ask to speak with a phone sex ab/dl fetish specialists. We have older women and younger girls and even sexy shemales for your kinky adult baby fantasies. No limits or taboos with us, we do it all and we get off on it too.

Can’t wait to play with you all soon.


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