Adult Baby Phone Sex

I just have to tell about this new adult baby boy who called me this week for an adult baby phone sex call! I call him “nikki” on the phone and he is one of the naughtiest boys I have played with in a very long time. You see nikki is a habitual bed wetter. He told me that he’s been wetting his bed and his pants forever, and after talking with him at length, I don’t think nikki was ever toilet trained! That’s right, he’s been wearing a diaper ever since he was a baby! And he wonders why he can’t get a girlfriend?!

adult baby phone sexNow I don’t know if his story is true or not, but it does make for one hot phone sex fantasy! I love the fact that nikki wears cloth diapers with plastic pants and knows all about soaker diapers and doubling and tripling the diapers for protection. nikki gets so excited when he has to mess his diapers too; his little dick is almost always hard. Of course one of nikki’s favorite things is when Mommy has to change his diapers and I thought he was going to cum just from the humiliation of telling him I might have to find a babysitter for him.

If you are an adult baby or a diaper lover, then you need a phone sex Mommy who knows just what you need and desire. I am Mommy Nancy and one of my specialties is AB/DL phone sex. I have even had a real life adult baby to play with. If experience is what you have been looking for, look no more!

Call 1-888-741-BABY (1888-741-2229) for adult baby phone sex play!

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Diaper Lovers Phone Sex

diaper lovers phone sexI know you need to have your diapers changed, baby, a soft fresh diaper, maybe even a double diaper?! We wouldn’t want you to make a leaky mess, would we? Whether you like messy diapers or clean diapers ~ the ritual of a diaper change ~ diaper humiliation ~ or some other kind of diaper lovers phone sex, I want to play with you!

Jennifer loves diaper lovers – 1-888-741-2229

Diaper Lovers Phone Sex for Adult Babies

If you wet your panties or still wet your bed, I am going to have to put you into diapers, little boy.  Not just one diaper, but at least two of them, you’ll need the soaker diaper between your thighs to keep your mess from leaking.  I know if makes you feel like a naughty boy when Mommy has to diaper you, but only naughty boys still wet their beds.  It’s easier to find adult diapers to use, but from all the diaper lovers that I play with on the phone, nothing makes them feel more like a baby then wearing cloth diapers with diaper pins and plastic pants.

adult baby diaper lover phone sex

Do you need a Mommy to put in a diaper?  Are you a dirty bed wetter and need the guiding hand of a woman who understands your diaper fetish?  If you answer yes to these questions, I am the phone sex Mommy for you.

For the best in diaper lover phone sex for adult babies, call Simone.

1-888-741-BABY (1-888-741-2229)

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Adult Baby Phone Sex Babysitter

Hi to all my little adult babies!!! It’s time for an adult baby phone sex babysitter phone sex call! They are so much fun for me and I know that you really get excited when you call me for some babysitting! But today, I think your excitement may be just a little premature. See, I’m feeling pretty bratty today and I heard from your mom that you’ve been quite the little brat lately, so that probably means things aren’t going to go your way today, little man.

Adult Baby Phone Sex Babysitter Dresses You Up

adult baby phone sex babysitter

You’ve been causing issues with your mommy when she takes you out, but I am not going to put up with your tantrums. I’m going to dress you up in a big thick diaper and take you out to the park and make you play in front of people. I know you don’t normally like to do that, but that’s what you get for being such a little brat lately. Hmm what kind of outfit should I put on you? Maybe a little pair of pink overalls with butterflies or ladybugs embroidered on them. As we start walking through the park, people will likely start commenting on how cute you are, and instead of avoiding eye contact, you will look them in the eye and thank them. We will blow bubbles, play ball and maybe even go on the swing set while people watch us.

And the most humiliating (and my favorite) part? When you’ve dirtied your diaper, I’m going to make you walk up to some random strangers and say “Oops… baby made a mess in his diaper” and run off and giggle. Then you’ll come over to me and I’ll change you right there in front of everyone.

Are you ready now for your adult baby phone sex babysitter call? I’m ready to humiliate you and whip your naughty little ass into shape!

Call 1-888-741-2229 and ask for Nikki. I can’t wait to babysit for you!

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AB/DL Phone Sex – Diaper Humiliation with Mommy Gretchen

ab/dl phone sex

You called me for adult baby, AB/DL phone sex to tell me how embarrassed you are that you made a mess in your diaper? If you’re so embarrassed by having to wear diapers, then maybe you should try a little harder when I am trying to potty train you. I’m glad that you’re embarrassed. You should be. I mean, there’s no reason that an adult baby of your age should still be wearing diapers. You really should be ashamed of yourself. You wake up every single morning stinky and wet. Mommy really should make you wear that dirty diaper around all day so you will learn your lesson and maybe not do it anymore. Do you think that would work on you?

If that doesn’t work, I have other ways of humiliating you. Your sheets are always wet and dirty from you laying on them and instead of washing it immediately when I take it off your bed, I will hang it right outside your bedroom window so all of the neighbors will know what a messy adult baby you are. You will beg me to take it down and wash it, but I am not going to. I’ll leave it there all day until everyone on our block has seen it.

In the evening, I’m going to take you out for a nice long walk around our block. Instead of wearing regular pants, I’m going to dress you in a pair of plastic pants so that everyone is going to know that you aren’t potty trained and that you can’t seem to control your bodily functions. We’ll circle the block a few times, just to make sure that everyone has seen you.

Are you ready for your humiliating adult baby, AB/DL phone sex fun (well, it’s fun for me!) now? Call me and hopefully I can get your bathroom habits under control. Ask for Gretchen when you call 1-888-741-BABY

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Adult Baby Fetish Phone Sex

Hi baby boys and girls and sissies! I know it’s been awhile since our site has been updated, but I’ll be taking over and will be blogging and posting all kinds of adult baby fetish phone sex happenings.

adult baby fetish phone sex

We are still here! So give us a call at 1-888-741-2229 and ask to speak with a phone sex ab/dl fetish specialists. We have older women and younger girls and even sexy shemales for your kinky adult baby fantasies. No limits or taboos with us, we do it all and we get off on it too.

Can’t wait to play with you all soon.


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Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. I want to have diaper fetish phone sex with you.

*Laughs* A very direct introductory sentence to a blog post, I know, but it’s merely a statement of fact. I love my fetishists, and they love me as well. A phone sex MILF who is turned on by their fetishes is something wonderful indeed.

At the moment, I’m thinking of diaper fetish. Seeing grown men dress themselves in an article of clothing that is generally thought to be the province of either the very young or the very elderly is very interesting to me. The fact that you naughty, naughty boys get off on it makes it even more fascinating.

A lot of you claim to be humiliated by the wearing of diapers. I think you’re either lying, or you’re getting off on the humiliation. Why, you ask? Oh, darling, your hard cock gives you away every time.

If you’d like to know just what Ms. Simone does with a diaper fetishist, then you’ll need to give me a call. You won’t regret it, though. The number is 1-888-741-BABY for a diaper fetish phone sex call with me.

1-888-741-BABY (1-888-741-2229)

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Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Heya, boys! How are ya? Your coed phone sex girl is GREAT! I’ve totally got an idea that I think you’ll love. Wanna hear?

Ok, so you know I love babysitter phone sex, right? An adult baby is one of the cutest, most awesomest things ever, so what’s not to love? Plus, it puts me in control, which we all know I like, LOL!

But I also LOVE sissy phone sex. And any opportunity that I have to overlap my favorite fantasies and fetishes, well, I’m gonna take it!

Which brings me to the point of this blog. I wanna play with a little sissy baby! *Giggles*

See, I was thinking, we’ll need to take you to the lingerie shop to make sure you’ve got something suitably girly to wear. We can’t have you running around in nothing but diapers, you know. There are plenty of cute lil panties that’ll fit right over your diaper. And as for the rest of your outfit? Well, they don’t call ‘em BABY DOLLS for nothin’!

You’re gonna look so cute! Once we get you outfitted, we’ll just need some pink booties and a little lacy bonnet to match, and you’ll be ready to go.

So give your favorite babysitter, Abby, a call for some hot cheap phone sex! We’re gonna have SO much fun!!!!!!


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AB/DL Phone Sex

I totally love AB/DL phone sex. There are so many varieties. I had a great call with D last night who is one of my favorite DLs. He e-mailed me all these hot pics of himself in his diapers –even his little T-shirt was wet he was so wet. Then today I had a lovely call with S who was a full on AB wanting to be cuddled and nursed and changed — what mommy would not want that?

I love being a phone sex mommy and getting to meet all kinds of new abies and diaper lovers. So if you love diaper fetish and AB/DL like I do, we should totally play together!

Mommy Carla

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Babysitter Phone Sex

Hi there, cuties! Are you ready for some super-awesome babysitter phone sex? I’ve been so looking forward to hearing from you boys. We’re long overdue for some playtime together, right? And since I’ve been loaded down with babysitting job offers lately, I thought I should test my skills on you with a little adult baby phone sex. I think I’m just the girl to take care of all you sweet little boys! *LOL*

I know than an adult baby like you needs tons of care and attention. Lucky for you, your mommy decided to call Miss Abby up to be your babysitter while she goes out tonight. Aren’t you excited? We’re gonna have soooo much fun! We’ll play together, and I’ll tickle you and smother you in kisses. I’ll be just as tender with you as Mommy is! Just make sure you behave, though; I don’t want to have to give you a spanking! I like being the nice sitter way too much to have to do something like that.

Oh, I’ll admit to being a total diaper lover–I think it’s so funny and cute, watching you toddle around in your snug diaper and a itty-bitty shirt. You look so adorable, I just want to eat you up! And when changing time comes around, I’ll wipe you all over and get you nice and clean again. It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I could change you all day! And, I might add, I’ve got a really soft touch. ^_^

When your mommy’s out, you should give Miss Abby a call for some babysitter phone sex. I know I can take such good care of you! You’ll practically beg to have me come over again and again.


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Mommy Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. Mommy Simone, your phone sex Mommy, has been thinking about you lately. I’ve missed playing with my sweet little abies.

You see, my darlings, the thing Mommy Simone loves about ABDL phone sex is how sensual and intimate it is. You share a very large portion of yourself with Mommy, and I like to share myself with you as well.

For example, I think that changing your diaper is very intimate. Don’t you agree? For one thing, it makes you very vulnerable. Not only are you completely exposed for Mommy, but you’re also showing me something very humiliating for you, that you weren’t able to control yourself And, most importantly, you trust Mommy to take care of that for you without judgment.

And I do, of course. That is another reason I love adult baby phone sex–the sheer vulnerability, the lack of negative judgment, and, of course, the staggering amount of trust that you place in me, darling.

So tell me…how does your diaper feel right now? Does it need changing? If so, give Mommy Simone a call right now for a little mommy phone sex with a Mommy who understands you very well.

1-888-741-BABY (1-888-741-2229)

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